All-Boy’s Advantage

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Bishop Hendricken High School is the premier all-boys’ Catholic college preparatory high school in the state of Rhode Island. Every aspect of Bishop Hendricken is designed to enable boys to be successful.

Since 1959, we have provided a learning environment that enables, supports and encourages young men to achieve their potential in all endeavors while also growing in mind, body and spirit.

We understand their sense of humor, their energy, and their unique learning styles. Our dedicated approach is focused on helping each student to discover the gifts that are uniquely his, to realize his full potential, and to become sensitive young men as well as mature and responsible citizens devoted to peace and justice.

So how does an all-boy’s education contribute to this success? Consider the following advantages:

1. Freedom to Be Himself
No distractions! With no girls to impress, boys can be themselves. The single sex classroom promotes a more diverse and well-rounded education, mostly because boys are free to develop their individuality and identity. Boys feel comfortable exploring a broader variety of subjects like language, creative writing and the arts without worrying about what girls will think of them. Stereotypes fade into the background and our students grow into more confident young men.

The all-boy’s format creates a crossover between academic or athletic interests and those in leadership, peer ministry and the arts programs. At Bishop Hendricken High School, for instance, one of the top singers in our Young Men’s Choir is also the captain of the soccer team, and football players regularly appear in our drama productions.

The result is that in an all- boy’s school, the boys feel free to be themselves; they are encouraged to follow their interests and talents wherever they might lead. Ultimately, a single sex education engenders a camaraderie and respect for diverse talents that is affirming for young men, and an important part of our Catholic mission.

2. Boys Have Different Learning Styles
Boys’ schools – and an all-boys classroom — have a natural advantage, because teachers can custom-tailor their curriculum and teaching style in a way that motivates boys to learn. Research shows that boys learn more effectively when they can move around, and experienced teachers know that the best way to get boys energized is to keep the classroom active and lively so that students remain interested and engaged.  In an all-boy’s classroom, there are more hands-on projects, games and interactive lessons where each student can participate.  So, a chemistry class that explores the effects of dynamite or a writing assignment that asks you to describe being a Roman gladiator preparing for battle is going to grab a young man’s attenion, where it really wouldn’t work in a co-ed classroom.Keeping a student engaged will surely set him up for success!

3. Increased Confidence and Sensitivity
Boys develop more confidence when they attend an all-boy’s school. The absence of feelings of rejection or inferiority helps boys remain confident in themselves and their ability to succeed – in academics, athletics, the arts, in leadership or service roles, and throughout their life.

Bishop Hendricken High School students are more enthusiastic about their education, they show a greater maturity and they develop stronger social skills throughout their four years. These same young men as graduates will become more polite and sensitive men because they are more confident in who they are as individuals. In the long run, they will be better professionals, better husbands, fathers, sons, and better citizens as a result.

4. Better Grades & Test Scores
At an all-boy’s school, academic performance is stronger. It is part of our mission to help students discover their unique strengths and talents, to realize their potential, and to find the God-given gifts which are uniquely their own. This opportunity to explore, combined with a teaching style that motivates them to learn, means that Bishop Hendricken students will succeed academically. Students who may have struggled in middle school will improve their grades in high school.

Studies have shown that boys who attend a single sex school will perform significantly better on standardized tests, putting them in a better position for college admissions. Bishop Hendricken has a record of standardized test scores well above local and national averages, as well as outstanding college placement for our graduates.

5. Male Role Models
One other important advantage of single-sex education at Bishop Hendricken High School is that there are more male teachers than you will find in a co-ed school.  At Bishop Hendricken, 68% of our teachers are men, and they also serve as club moderators, guidance counselors and coaches. Together with a diverse student body, they provide more diverse male role models for all of our students.  Having these role models fosters better interpersonal relationships, promotes a more secure sense of self, and helps each young man to recognize his unique strengths and identity.