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Hendricken Partners with World Dining

Beginning in January 2016, BHHS partnered with World Dining to offer new healthy options to our cafeteria menu, longer hours, and more variety throughout the day.  Last year, World Dining examined student eating habits and introduced new options for better nutritional value and flavor profiles.  There were some renovations to the interior kitchen space to provide better service to students as well as better working space for food preparation.

New in 2017-18, World Dining will be selling gift cards just like typical gift cards you purchase at a store. Students and parents can come into the cafeteria at any time and purchase one with cash, credit or check (made out to World Dining) for any amount. Please note: A 5% credit card fee will be applied when purchasing a gift card.

Parents can also call the cafeteria office before 10am or after 1pm to purchase over the phone or email Amanda Allard at for further information.

World Dining Card Flyer: