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Academic Levels


The purpose of Bishop Hendricken High School is the religious and academic education of our young men. Our academic mission is considered primary in the life of our school community.

Challenging and competitive for each student, the Bishop Hendricken courses of study offer the traditional curriculum required for college entrance. Within our college preparatory framework, efforts are made to direct a student into a program of study consistent with his academic abilities.

While each academic department sets up its own criteria, general criteria for admission to Honors or AP courses are based on teacher recommendation, demonstrated ability, and achievement in the field of study. Every student, however, is given ample opportunity to discover and develop his true educational abilities.

The following is an overview of the specific course levels offered at Bishop Hendricken in grades 8-12:

Advanced Placement (AP)

Hendricken offers 14 Advanced Placement courses in United States History, Biology, Calculus AB and Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Composition, English Literature, European History, French IV, French V, Physics, Spanish IV, Spanish V, and Statistics. These are the highest level courses offered to Hendricken students and provide college-level challenges for the most gifted students, as well as an opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

Honors (Hon)

The Honors level offers a challenging and rigorous course of study in all academic areas for the top students in each class. Each year, a student’s performance and recommendation by teachers determines the level of study for the next year. Students who perform at the highest level and maintain compliance with the prerequisites necessary to continue in the honors level are eligible to stay in these classes or advance to the AP level where appropriate.

Accelerated (Acc)

Students who demonstrate better than average aptitude in Math and Foreign Language are invited to pursue the Accelerated level of coursework for the freshman year. The pace of these courses is adjusted for students at this level, in comparison with the CP1 level, to reflect their abilities. Some of these students may progress to the Honors level in the subsequent year.

College Prep I  (CP1)

The CP1 level is offered for the majority of students at Bishop Hendricken. The course of study provides a rigorous challenge for most of our young men. Each course is designed specifically to assure that the Hendricken students master the skills necessary for success at the college level of education.

College Prep (CP)

Each year, a small number of students admitted to Bishop Hendricken require a skills-based approach to the curriculum. Traditionally, this group of students might have challenges in one or more academic areas that require an alternative approach in the classroom. These courses provide the fundamentals necessary to pursue education beyond high school. Instruction is offered in smaller classes, with differentiated styles of presentation and assessment.