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Bishop Hendricken’s academic curricula are designed to support our school’s mission by encouraging each student to develop his whole person – heart, mind, body and soul.  We do this with a variety of courses, taught at multiple levels by top instructors, who together will prepare our students for success in their college studies and beyond.

Mr. Mark DeCiccio ’03, Principal

At Bishop Hendricken, our academic goals are two-fold. As a college preparatory school, we strive to develop the skills, concepts, and competencies necessary for student success in post-secondary education. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to develop life-long learners who are intellectually well-rounded, while opportunities in and out of the classroom further encourage self-exploration so that boys can discover where they excel, where their passions lie, and how they can develop their talents even further.

Second, and most importantly, our goal is for students to be challenged to recognize their own educational growth, and take pride in it. At Bishop Hendricken, we know that students, especially boys, are more apt to excel when they enjoy learning. We cultivate an environment in which students of every ability find satisfaction in being challenged academically because we give them the tools to be successful.

Bishop Hendricken thrives in part because it welcomes students of all learning styles. To this end, we offer a college preparatory curriculum with 5 academic levels for students of all learning abilities and backgrounds, including a dual-track 8th grade SELECT program and our Options Program for young men with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. With an average class size of 22, and a 12:1 student-faculty ratio, students are able to work closely with teachers in over 100 courses.

Hendricken’s administration and faculty stand ready to serve your sons and help them become better learners and thinkers. But, excelling as a Hendricken student requires tremendous effort from our young men. Multiple hours of homework each night are common, and each course includes a significant end-of-semester assessment — an exam, paper, or other project. The commitment to excellence at Hendricken must come from student, teacher, and administrator.

Throughout Hendricken’s history, a rigorous and rewarding academic experience has become part of our school’s trademark. We promise the same experience for our young men today, and we pledge to do all we can to help them grow as young men by thriving in the classroom.

Mark DeCiccio ’03