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Arts Academy


An Honors Program for Student Artists

The Arts Academy at Bishop Hendricken is an honors program for passionate young men. Offering concentrations in Drama (Acting & Technical Theatre), Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts, the Arts Academy fosters the development of creative expression and technical aptitude. Each artistic concentration encourages a student to appreciate, understand, share, critique and enjoy the creative process. At Bishop Hendricken High School, the Arts are seen as more than just creative outlets; they are also conduits of religious feelings, imagination, and understanding. Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts enhance the students’ religious experience in the Roman Catholic tradition. This experience is integral in the formation of students as confident, perceptive, and truly “whole” persons who are capable of creatively expressing and deeply understanding themselves, their faith, and their God.

Admission and Matriculation

Once accepted to Bishop Hendricken High School, young men apply for admission to this program through a qualifying process that may include an interview, audition, or portfolio review. A student may apply at any time during his four years at Bishop Hendricken. If a student is not accepted initially to the Academy, he may reapply each year. A student must successfully meet the requirements and standards set forth by the Arts faculty and administration in order to advance to the next level in the Academy. Upon completion of the Arts Academy program, the student will receive a certificate of graduation and honors transcript that compliment his Bishop Hendricken diploma.

The Creative Experience

The Academy values the educational benefits of both the creative process and the end-result of that process. Each Arts concentration sets forth specific creative and artistic experiences that students develop or rehearse within the Academy program. Students in all concentrations develop an ongoing portfolio of materials and experiences that showcase their personal achievements, individual growth, and artistic development. This portfolio is especially useful in helping a student stand out when applying to colleges and seeking scholarships.

Contact & Information

Mr. Richard Sylvia
Director of Arts
401.739.3450, ext. 147