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Arts Academy


An Honors Program for Student Artists

The Arts Academy at Bishop Hendricken is an honors-level program for passionate young student-artists. The Arts Academy combines theory and practice, fostering the development of creative expression and technical aptitude, and students earn honors academic credit for their coursework. Each concentration encourages students to appreciate, understand, share, critique, and enjoy the creative process. This experience is integral to the formation of students as confident, perceptive, and truly whole persons who grow in an understanding of themselves, their faith, and their God.


  • Chamber Ensembles
  • Chorus
  • Concert Band
  • Drama
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Media Arts
  • Technical Theatre
  • Visual Art

Course Schedule

All Arts Academy courses take place outside of the traditional school day to allow young men to pursue their comprehensive arts studies while maintaining their full college preparatory course load. Morning Arts Academy classes begin at 7:45am and end at the conclusion of homeroom period at 8:25am. Afternoon Arts Academy classes are held from 2:45-3:45pm on select days of the week.

Admission to the Arts Academy

Once enrolled at Bishop Hendricken, students are invited to apply to the Arts Academy. Interested applicants will complete a qualifying process that may include an interview, audition, or portfolio review for the concentration of their choice. All Arts Academy admission decisions are made in the Spring prior to the following school year.

A student may apply to the Arts Academy at any time during his tenure at Bishop Hendricken. 8th Grade SELECT students are eligible to participate in any of our Arts Academy courses with the exception of Visual Art and Media Arts. If a student is not initially accepted into the Academy, he may re-apply each year. A student must successfully meet the requirements and standards set forth by the Arts Program faculty in order to advance to the next level of study. Upon completion of the Arts Academy, each student will receive a certificate of graduation to complement his Bishop Hendricken diploma.

Contact & Information

Mr. Richard Sylvia
Director of Arts
401.739.3450, ext. 147
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