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The Arts Parent Association exists as an executive advisory board for the Arts at Bishop Hendricken. It functions during each school year with a group of committed volunteer parents who support arts education, and the advancement of the Arts at Bishop Hendricken.

Association Leadership Positions

Arts Parent Association Presidents

Arts Outreach Presidents

Band Program Council
Band Parent Presidents
Sophomore Reps
Junior Reps
Senior Reps
Marching Band Chair(s)

Visual Arts Program Council
Visual Arts Parent Presidents
Sophomore Reps
Junior Reps
Senior Reps

Media Arts Program Council
Media Arts Parent Presidents
Sophomore Reps
Junior Reps
Senior Reps

Chorus Program Council
Chorus Parent Presidents
Sophomore Reps
Junior Reps
Senior Reps

Drama Program Council
Drama Parent Presidents
Sophomore Reps
Junior Reps
Senior Reps

Please note that all parents who volunteer to serve on this association do so with no expectation of reward for themselves or their child. No student is given privilege or advantage because of his parent’s involvement in this association. No student is adversely affected if his parents are not able to volunteer. This program joins together committed individuals who wish to see the best arts opportunities made available for children at Bishop Hendricken High School.

Arts Parent Association Volunteer Descriptions

The Arts Parent Association President(s)
The Arts Parent Association President(s) is typically a parent of a current member of the junior or senior class that is active in any area of the Arts at BHHS. Responsibilities for this position include the following:
Attend the BHHS Parent Council meeting each month as the A.P.A representatives and provide updates to the general council on the state of the Arts Program at Bishop Hendricken.
Represent all Arts program equally.
Serve as Chairpersons for the monthly A.P.A. meetings.
Serve as a liaison between parents, faculty, administration and students in areas concerning the Arts at Bishop Hendricken.
Work with Director of Arts to promote the arts equally in our community.

The Arts Outreach Program President(s)
The Arts Outreach Program President(s) are typically parents who have an interest in connecting our Arts programs and student artists with service and outreach opportunities that support our larger mission as a Catholic high school. The Presidents are also responsible for helping to align our arts program’s strategic plan, yearly events, and programs with the mission of this school as outlined in our statement and vision.
Responsibilities for this position include the following:
Attend the monthly Arts Parent Association meeting.
Coordinate service opportunities that bring our arts program to the community or bring the community to our arts program.
Evaluate the success of the Arts Program in contributing the larger mission of the school and provide recommendations or alterations that root our Arts program in effectively living out our identity as a Catholic high school.

Arts Program Councils (Band, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Chorus & Drama)
Each Arts program has a council of parent representatives that include: President, Sophomore Class Parent Representatives, Junior Class Parent Representatives, and Senior Class Parent Representatives. While not mandatory, an Arts Program Parent Council President can also serve as a class representative. Each Arts Program Parent Council volunteers to work with the faculty coordinator/director to best serve the specific Arts Program during a school year. Responsibilities for parent leadership positions on an Arts Program Council include the following:

Arts Program Council President
Each Arts Program Council has Parent Presidents who serve as Parent chairperson(s) of the Arts program and its Parent representatives. Responsibilities for this leadership position include:
Working with the Arts Program faculty.
Keeping the Arts Program Association Presidents informed of events, concerns, issues and ideas from the particular program.
Serving as liaisons between parents and faculty.
Serving as a contact representative for arts program related activities.
Attending a monthly meeting
Keeping Parent representatives informed of current Arts Parent Association activity and news.
Help freshmen families feel welcomed and informed about an arts program.
Help to publicize and market the Arts program and events

Arts Program Council Representatives
Each arts program council has class year representatives for sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Representatives. Responsibilities for this advisory position include:
Serve as a contact for parent members of that particular class year.
Advise the Arts Program Council President on matters relating to the program.
Attend meetings that would be called by the Arts Program Council President, if or when the need arises.
Help to publicize and market the Arts program and events.
Assisting the Program faculty member if and when needed throughout the year.

Special Arts Program Council Chair Positions
Each program can appoint chairpersons to oversee specific tasks, events, or committees as it sees fit. As a special council chair position is created, the council President should also create a job description for the specific role.

Marching Band Parent Chair(s)
Because of the complex nature of the Marching Band program, the parent chair person works with the Band Director to involve parents in the fall showcase and competition season. This person also represents parent concerns or issues related to the Marching Band Program.

Contact & Information

Mr. Richard Sylvia
Director of Arts
401.739.3450, ext. 147
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