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Called for More

In unprecedented times, Bishop Hendricken men are called for more — to be moreto do more, and to give more. When faced with a challenge, we do our part to make things better for those around us. In fact, we’ve been doing just that since 1959.

This school year, we’re sharing, highlighting, and talking about students and families who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to more.

Meet Chris…

He’s cultivated his love of music here, and in the process, earned a national award.

Meet Sam…

He’s no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and getting to work to help his community.

Meet Sean…

He’s taken on the challenge of being the voice of a student body and chief ambassador of the Hendricken experience.

Meet Michael…

Now committed to Brown University on a full academic scholarship, he gives back to his community in Central Falls.

Meet Jason…

Before he committed to playing football for Notre Dame, he transferred to Bishop Hendricken to be challenged.

Meet Casey…

He did his part to comfort, even if just a bit, a community member facing loss.

Meet the Flynns…

They know that everyone belongs here, and we celebrate each other’s milestones.

Meet Tyler…

He recognized a need in his community and rallied others to help.

Meet the Lombardis…

As a family, they travel over 2 hours roundtrip from another state each day because this is where they feel at home.

Meet Mac…

He’s helping prepare his community during the pandemic.

Think you’re called for more? Check us out!

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