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Bishop Hendricken & Pranzi Catering

Bishop Hendricken is proud to partner with Pranzi Catering for its 2020-2021 Academic Year cafeteria and dining offerings.


All lunch orders must be placed and paid for on Boonli, Pranzi’s meal ordering system, by Friday at 12pm for the following week. Whether ordering for one day or multiple, all order must be submitted by Friday at 12pm for the next week.

Creating an Account

To set up a Boonli account to place and pay for your lunch order with Pranzi, set up an account using the following steps:

2.) Click Create an Account. School password is bhhs1.
3.) Enter information and click Submit
4.) Enter information for your students, select Lunch Order from the dropdown, and Add Profile. Repeat for any additional students.
5.) Click I’m Done and sign in!

School-wide Lunch Period

For the time being, we have implemented a school-wide lunch period from 11:05am-11:40am each day. This is a change from our usual 4-lunch period based on classroom.

Instead, at the conclusion of 3rd period each day, students will report back to their homerooms to eat lunch. At the conclusion of lunch at 11:40am, students will report to their 4th period class (long period) from 11:40am-12:53pm.

Our goal in using this school-wide lunch period is two-fold. First and foremost, it guarantees that the only time a student has his mask or face covering off each day is in a completely stable homeroom group with the same students and teacher. This is critical information for the purposes of contact tracing in the situation of a positive case or outbreak. Second, this simplifies delivery of lunches to the same room each day for a student, rather than 7 different classrooms based on the 7-day rotation.

Nut-Free Rooms

An additional reminder to students and families that we must maintain a nut-free environment in each room, and therefore, ask that students DO NOT bring nut-based products in their lunches.