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Counseling Directory


Counseling Directory

The students listed under each school counselor have been assigned to them for the 2019-2020 school year.

Grade 12 – Class of 2020
Mrs. Patti Gesmundo: A (Basilio Arias)
Mr. Joseph Adamec: B-MAL and OL-UL
Mrs. Nancy Rocha: MAR-ME and UW-Z
Mrs. Nicole Poloski: MI-O’H

Grade 11 – Class of 2021
Mrs. Patti Gesmundo: A-FORTE, Ca
Mr. Billy Burdier: FORTE, Ch-NH (Washington)
Mrs. Nicole Poloski: NO-S (Moran, Thomas)
Mrs. Nancy Rocha: T-Z (Foster)

Grade 10 – Class of 2022
Mrs. Patti Gesmundo: A-FRA (Youngs)
Mr. Billy Burdier: FRE-MON (Pedro)
Mrs. Nicole Poloski: MOR-Z

Grade 9 – Class of 2023
Mrs. Patti Gesmundo: A-ED
Mr. Billy Burdier: ER-PIL
Mrs. Nicole Poloski: PIZ-Z

Grade 8 – Class of 2024
Mrs. Patti Gesmundo: A-D’AL
Mr. Billy Burdier: DI-Mc
Mrs. Nicole Poloski: ME-Z