Plus Portals

Fine Arts & Communication

Art Club

Moderator: Mr. Dean
Description: The Art Club offers students the opportunity to work independently and for a longer period of time after school hours. Drawing, printmaking, calligraphy, as well as 3-dimensional works in clay (hand-building and potter’s wheel-throwing) are available to the students. Membership is open to all students.

Ham Radio

Moderator: Mr. Cullen
Description: The purpose of the Bishop Hendricken Amateur Radio Club is to encourage students to earn the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) amateur radio license, to broaden their knowledge of voice and digital communications, and to make them more “resilient” global citizens. Members will learn and practice FCC rules, general radio operations, and STEM aspects of this diversified hobby. Club members may use the “radio shack” and the club’s FCC call sign W1BHX.  Activities are student-driven and may include participating in the international “School Club Roundup,” talking regionally (and beyond using satellites), managing a high-speed, radio-based emergency Internet, and providing severe weather spotter information directly to the regional National Weather Service office. This club is open to students in all grades.

Hawks Broadcast Network

Moderator: Mr. Kabbas
DescriptionThe Hawks Broadcast Network is a club where students immerse themselves into the world of broadcasting, digital journalism, and media production. Students gain hands-on media experience by filming and broadcasting various athletic, arts, and special events throughout the school year. Positions include play-by-play, color commentary, cameramen, editors, audio engineers, graphic designers, and creatives. The club is open to students in grades 8-12 and frequently streams and records Hendricken events 1-2 times each week.

Media Arts

Moderator: Mr. Fogarty
Description: This club is dedicated to making student-developed films using the latest in technology and Adobe Creative Suite. The club meets Tuesdays and Thursday 2:30 to 4:30 in the NI-RO-PE Studios. The club is open to all students on a walk-in basis.

Mitre – Yearbook

Moderator: Ms. Roussin
Description: The Yearbook staff is composed of students representing all grade levels and interest groups. Students have the opportunity to be writers, typists, artists, interviewers, and organizers. In addition to a fun experience, the Yearbook offers students the chance to create a lasting remembrance of their time spent at Hendricken. Membership is open to all students who are dedicated and willing to commit 2 hours each week.

Talon – Student Newspaper

Moderator: Mr. Brawley
Description: The purpose of the student newspaper is to provide students with a forum to publish factual and editorial items of interest to the school community.  Ideally, it should also provide a basis for students to report items objectively as well as an opportunity to promote school activities and recognize student achievements. Students learn the importance of adhering to deadlines and how to “lay-out” a document for publication. Membership is open to all students interested in journalism.

YAWP – Literary/Art Magazine

Moderator: Ms. Andrews & Mr. Dean
Description: Yawp is the student-faculty literary/arts magazine of Hendricken. Twice a year we publish poems, essays and illustrations created by students and faculty. Everyone is invited to participate. There are layout, editing, and typing positions available. Membership is open to all interested and committed students.