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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The FUND for HENDRICKEN?

A. The FUND for HENDRICKEN is our best tool for keeping Hendricken strong!  The FUND for HENDRICKEN dollars are unrestricted, directly, supporting the school’s operating budget.

Q. Why does Bishop Hendricken need The FUND for HENDRICKEN?

A. Tuition does not fully support the actual cost of educating a Bishop Hendricken student and there is a $1900 gap between the cost of educating a student and the actual cost of tuition. Like every private or Catholic school, Hendricken needs unrestricted support from its constituents to close this gap, helping to keep tuition affordable for all.

Q. What does The FUND for HENDRICKEN support?

A. The FUND for HENDRICKEN supports every aspect of campus life, including: tuition assistance, classroom and laboratory enhancements, arts programs, athletic programs and facilities, the Options program, the attraction and retention of talented faculty and technology upgrades.

Q. Why is my participation important?

A. Participation is a key indicator of alumni and parent pride and satisfaction.  It measures the act of giving and not the amount.  Participation is a vote of confidence in our mission and inspires others to give.

Q. Will my gift to The FUND for HENDRICKEN really make a difference?

A. Gifts to the Fund immediately impact our ability to provide opportunities for our students.  Consider that it would take an endowed gift of $20,000 to equal an annual fund gift of $1,000.  Every gift counts because when combined, they add up quickly and provide overall support for our mission.

Q. What is The FUND for HENDRICKEN’S goal for the 2020 fiscal year?

A. In honor of our 60th anniversary year, our goal is $660,00, the largest in the school’s history!

Q. Can I designate my gift to The FUND for HENDRICKEN?

A. In addition to unrestricted support, you may designate your gift to an Affinity Funds:

  • The Mission Fund supports campus ministry programs to help with the cost of retreats, mission trips, community outreach programs and the Lazarus Fraternity.
  • The Arts Fund supports our fine arts program. Donors may designate their gift for any of the dramatic, musical, visual or media arts.
  • The Athletics Fund  supports athletic programs and facilities. Donors may designate their gift to a varsity sport club or intramural program.

Q. Can I pledge now and make my payments over time?

A. Yes. The FUND for HENDRICKEN year ends each June 30, and pledges should be fulfilled before then. You can also elect to pay in installments. Remember, to gain maximum deduction for income tax purposes, full payments must be received before December 31.

All gifts to The FUND for HENDRICKEN are tax deductible.

Q. What are The FUND for HENDRICKEN’s giving levels?

A. The FUND for HENDRICKEN has several giving societies, including…

Guardians of the Mission

Champions of the Mission
$15,000 – $24,999

Edmund Rice Circle
$10,000 – $14,999

President’s Circle
$5,000 – $9,999

Chaplain’s Circle
$2,500 – $4,999

1959 Society
$1,000 – $2,499

Bishop Hendricken Society
$500 – $999

Green Society
$250 – $499

Gold Society
$100 – $249

Friends of Hendricken
$1 – $99