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In 2021, Bishop Hendricken will launch INSPIRE, an exciting new academic program aimed at developing academic interests, pursuing depth of knowledge, and striving for excellence.

Mission of INSPIRE

The INSPIRE Program advances our school community beyond its traditional curriculum by engaging young men in seminar courses designed for 21st century academic and career exploration, instilling a lifelong passion for learning and the knowledge to face challenges of the future within the framework of the Catholic faith.

What is INSPIRE?

In celebration of Bishop Hendricken High School’s 60th Anniversary, and our commitment to the education of young men, we are launching an exciting new academic venture, The INSPIRE Program, in 2021.

INSPIRE introduces a new element to the Hendricken curriculum, dedicating one day of the school week to compelling, thoughtful, and innovative seminars, each meeting for ninety minute periods. Four days of the school week will be dedicated to our traditional schedule (Green Days), while the fifth day will be devoted to INSPIRE seminars (Gold Day). This new schedule is an opportunity for our students to learn — and our faculty to teach — in classes designed for project-based and hands-on learning within areas of study that especially interest them.

As the name suggests, our goal is for students to be inspired by a variety of classes created with their passions and interests in mind. INSPIRE affords students the ability to focus on deeper exploration within a particular subject area using specific skills. The program gets to the core of Catholic education by challenging students to deepen their appreication for beauty, goodness and truth; cultivate a reverence for learning; and foster an atmosphere of creativity. The INSPIRE Program will help our students in their traditional core classes, as seminars will also develop an understanding of skills necessary to access academic content in unique ways.

In addition, students will save all of their seminar work in an online portfolio, which they may reference for colleges essays and academic work in an area of specialization well into the future. All courses taken as part of the INSPIRE Program will receive academic credit, and will appear on the student’s high school transcript for college.

Meeting the “Gold Standard”

The Gold Standard is designed to ensure each student will have the opportunity to explore areas of personal interest while also achieving growth in intellectual curiosity. This standard encourages students to explore a variety of topics that they may not otherwise experience. Students will be required to take at least one seminar in each area of the Gold Standard before they graduate.

Similar to the required curriculum at a liberal arts college, the Gold Standard will ensure that students will have a diverse and well-rounded understanding of the world around them in their approach to all subjects, another hallmark of a faith-based education.

All students are required to achieve the Gold Standard in order to graduate from Bishop Hendricken High School.

Gold Standard Requirements

  • Artistic: Exercises the imagination and encourages observation.
  • Logical (STEM): Fosters critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Interpersonal: Builds empathy and sensitivity for others.
  • Mechanical & Kinesthetic: Employs physical as well as mechanical movement.
  • Linguistic: Develops communication skills using language.
  • Spiritual: Explores humanity, emotions, and the art of living.

5 Schools of Excellence

  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Law & Government
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Students who wish to explore a specific subject area well beyond the requirements of the Gold Standard may wish to pursue a concentration in a School of Excellence, providing them with the chance to specialize in one of the areas listed above. Each School of Excellence offers students the opportunity to explore a group of integrated courses within a particular cohort in order to enhance their academic profile and level of achievement.

These “schools within a school” are designed to develop skills and content for a prospective college major or future profession. Students who complete six courses within the same School of Excellence will have that so designated on their official Hendricken transcript.