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Mission Integration

Greetings from the Office of Mission Integration!

This office was created in 2009 and is dedicated to ensuring that the mission of Bishop Hendricken High School and the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education permeates all that we do inside and outside of our school.

The Mission of Bishop Hendricken High School is to strengthen the relationship of all members of the community with our God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this through the development of the total human person: heart, mind, soul and body.

The Office of Mission Integration is also committed to continuing the legacy of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers; who faithfully served the Bishop Hendricken community from 1971 until 2011.  Bishop Hendricken High School is a school dedicated to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and the traditions of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. We implemented the very process that the Brothers created to prepare for their departure and to provide the best spiritual and educational experience possible for our students without the Brothers being physically present.

During a student’s four years at Bishop Hendricken High School, the Office of Mission Integration has created seminars that instruct students on our Mission and the life, teachings and charism of Blessed Edmund. Freshmen reflect on Blessed Edmund’s life and are introduced to the school’s mission statement. Sophomores explore the Scriptural basis for the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Education. As juniors, our students reflect on their Christian service experience in light of the inspiration of Blessed Edmund Rice. Seniors reflect on the importance of developing their own charism and spirituality.

Students in our eighth grade Select Honors Institute have two full day retreats and two full day service days focusing on Catholic Social Teachings.

We also hope to extend our mission integration efforts to all members of the Bishop Hendricken Community by providing resources for spiritual growth.  A special invitation is offered to our alumni. As an alumnus, we need your help to keep the Mission and the spirit of the Brothers vibrant at Bishop Hendricken. Please come visit, speak to our students and tell them how your experience at Hendricken impacted your life.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever!

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Fr. Brian Morris ’03
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