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2nd Annual Mission Trip to Orland, Maine


Bishop Hendricken has planned a week-long trip to the H.O.M.E. Mission site in Orland, Maine. Departure will be on Sunday, August 16. Monday through Friday, we will engage in various activities directly serving the poor. We will help to build new housing for needy families as well as performing maintenance on existing homes and whatever other jobs are needed to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

6th Annual Mission Trip to Brownsville, Texas


Bishop Hendricken added an annual mission trip to Brownsville, Texas in 2015. The trip is limited to only five (5) BHHS students who will journey south to Texas and meet students from other Edmund Rice Christian Brother schools around the USA for a week of service to the poor and marginalized of Brownsville.

The week will be based out of the Guadalupe Regional Middle School where the Christian Brothers work with other religious orders to provide a tuition-free quality Catholic education to some of the neediest youth in our country. We will be performing direct service to the poor as well as learning about immigration issues which affect our country today.

All students end each day with community prayer within our group, as well as personal reflection on the day and a time to journal.

14th Annual Mission Trip to Lima, Peru


Our yearly mission trip to Lima, Peru takes place every February on odd-numbered years and every April on even-numbered years. The mission dates coincide with our February or April breaks, respectively.

As many as 12 students are selected to attend and engage in various activities to directly serve the poor, including working in the Edmund Rice Christian Brother School of Fe y Alegria #26. We also help to build a small house for a needy family as well as working with Franciscan Nuns in the suburb of Tahuantinsuyo as they labor to assist the poorest of the poor.

We visit an orphanage and also take time to immerse ourselves in the Peruvian culture and visit places such as the Church of St. Rose of Lima. This truly is a life-changing mission!  All students end each day with community prayer within our group, as well as personal reflection on the day and a time to journal.

Hendricken House

Since 2007, members of the Hendricken community have joined the Christian Brothers in their mission work in Lima, Peru.  Students have built houses and transported medical and school supplies to remote locations.

The relationship entered a new phase in 2011. With the Christian Brothers moving on from BHHS. We could think of no better tribute than a permanent house in Lima both for the Brothers and for Hendricken community members who travel there for mission work.

In three short months, we raised more than $100,000 toward the project. In April of 2014, Casa Hendricken, (Hendricken House) was formally dedicated and it now houses students from around the globe who come to Lima to participate in the mission work of the Christian Brothers.

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