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Hawks’ Last Flight: Class of 2020 Graduation

Together, we’ll honor the Class of 2020 with a special and safe graduation celebration.

Bishop Hendricken High School is proud to announce Hawks’ Last Flight: The Class of 2020 Drive-Thru & Drive-In Graduation Celebration scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2020.

Full details regarding the evening coming soon, including the conferring of diplomas, social distancing policies, schedule of events, and more.


Bishop Hendricken High School

The evening will kick-off with a special car parade of graduates and their respective families through campus with a faculty honor guard along the route.

The drive-thru celebration will allow seniors a final visit to campus, and more importantly, the opportunity to bid farewell to their beloved teachers and mentors.


Following Drive-Thru
Aldrich Mansion, Warwick Neck

Following the campus drive-thru, the festivities will transition to Aldrich Mansion for a drive-in graduation ceremony with live addresses from the valedictorian, salutatorian, and administration followed by a special video presentation featuring each senior in his cap and gown. Immediately following the ceremony, the evening will finish off with a special light show overlooking Narragansett Bay.

The drive-in ceremony will enable the Class of 2020 to come together as a unit one last time, honor each senior, and retain some semblance of the conventional ceremony. Additionally, Aldrich Mansion is the site of our former senior campus and traditionally serves as the host for our “Senior Night” on the eve of graduation. We thought this to be especially fitting as we celebrate our 60th anniversary and this graduating class.

More Information

Rain Dates
Rain dates for the event are scheduled for the same weekend: Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, June 28th. Move to rain dates will be announced closer to the event, if necessary.

Safety, Social Distancing & Masks
Throughout this special evening, all of our events will adhere to social distancing, face covering, and graduation guidelines set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island Department of Education, respectively.

Important Senior Updates

+ Class of 2020 Name & Honor Review - May 20, 2020

All graduating seniors should review the following in the document below…

  • Correct spelling of their FIRST, MIDDLE (if applicable), and LAST NAME
  • Proper citation of HONORS (if applicable)

Listed on the review document is the student’s name as it appears on his diploma based on the submission of his Diploma Name Form in the Fall. The official name as submitted on that form, and included in this document, is what will appear on his official Bishop Hendricken diploma, and no changes can be made at this time as diplomas are already in-hand.

If you would like to change how your name will read in the graduation program or video presentation, you may submit changes to Ms. Levesque.

If you believe the honors you may be receiving are listed incorrectly on the document, you may submit questions for change to Ms. Levesque.

Any corrections on information for the graduation program or video presentation must be submitted to Ms. Levesque at jlevesque@hendricken.com by Wednesday, May 27th at 3pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! You will receive a response back to confirm that the corrections/changes have been made. If you do not receive the confirmation, the changes were not documented. 

+ Information on Senior Locker Clean-Out, Item Retrieval & Graduation Photos - May 14, 2020

The following is an update from Fr. Marciano ’75 and Mr. DeCicco ’03 on plans for senior locker clean-out, item retrieval, and graduation photos:

Dear Seniors and Parents:

Outlined below is important information on the process we’ve developed for senior locker clean-out, retrieval of items from campus, and graduation photos. It is absolutely imperative that all seniors and their parents review the below information in its entirety. 

Senior Locker Clean-Out & Item Retrieval – June 1st-June 5th
Seniors will have the opportunity to make one visit to campus to clean out their locker and pick up important materials from the school. These visits will take place on a scheduled basis based on students’ last name. Students will only be permitted to come to campus during their allotted times below. No students will be permitted on campus outside of their allotted time slot. Additionally, all seniors MUST wear a face mask or cloth face covering while on campus. No student will be permitted without one. Upon completion of locker clean-out and pick-up of materials, students must immediately depart campus.

During this time, seniors must return:
• Clean out respective locker
• Textbooks that were distributed by Bishop Hendricken (Providence, East Providence, North Kingstown, Warwick & out-of-state students)
• Library books
• Athletic uniforms
• Choir vests & bow ties
• Band instruments borrowed from Bishop Hendricken
• Chromebooks, iPads or any technology borrowed from Bishop Hendricken

Additionally, seniors will receive:
• Cap and gown
• Honors cords
• Physical Forms
• Freshman Year Letter-to-Myself
• Rhode Island Honor Society certificate and pins
• Prom favors
• Senior Mass & Awards Celebration program for Sunday, June 7th

Monday, June 1st
8am-10am: Adamec – Blanchette

11am-1pm: Bolanos – Coffey

Tuesday, June 2nd
8am-10am: Comella – Dolan

11am-1pm: Dzekian – Hanlon

Wednesday, June 3rd
8am-10am: Harrington – Kuprevich

11am-1pm: LeBeau – Meresi

Thursday, June 4th
8am-10am: Mitchell – Peterson

11am-1pm: Petrozzi – Simonetti

Friday, June 5th
8am-10am: Smith – Weekers

11am-1pm: Weidinger – Zhang

Senior Cap & Gown Photos – June 8th
On Monday, June 8th, Maré Studios will be on campus with their mobile trailer to capture photos of every senior in his cap and gown free of charge for use at our drive-in graduation ceremony. These photos will be scheduled for a specific time slot designated solely for each student, and we encourage every senior to have their photo taken. In the coming days, all seniors will receive a postcard in the mail from Maré Studios with notification of their designated time slot for June 8th. Additionally, all students MUST wear a face mask or cloth face covering to campus and may only remove it for their photo. Additionally, families will receive information on purchasing their senior’s cap and gown photo if they wish to.

In the coming week, we will be releasing similar guidance on locker clean-out for all underclassmen. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Vincent Mancuso, Dean of Academics, at 401.889.5409 or vmancuso@hendricken.com.