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Reopening Bishop Hendricken

Reopening Bishop Hendricken

Bishop Hendricken & 2020-2021 School Year Reopening

Bishop Hendricken will be updating this page regularly with the latest news and information regarding its fall reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year. All updates will be regularly communicated with our school community via this page, social media, and email.

Case Response Playbook, Self-Reporting & Return-to-School Attestation

Review the Case Response Playbook for Students, Faculty & Staff for action steps regarding various different scenarios, including symptoms, testing, isolation/quarantine, travel, how to return to school, and more. This Playbook is based on guidance from the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE).

This will be an ever-evolving document based on changes from RIDOH and RIDE. Updates will be published as they are made.

K-12 Testing Hotline: 844-857-1814
Open 7 days a week, 7:30am-9:30pm daily
All Bishop Hendricken students, faculty & staff are eligible

Information from students and families will be key in combating positive cases and preventing outbreaks. Below are links to two important forms for students and parents. Please review pages 3-4 in the Case Response Playbook above to determine in what scenarios you’ll need to complete these forms.

Reopening Plan

Reopening Bishop Hendricken is our full, comprehensive reopening plan with specifics on all of our return-to-school models, health and safety protocols, and changes to campus life.

This will be an ever-evolving document based on changes from RIDOH and RIDE. Updates will be published as they are made.

Opt-In for Virtual Learning

Recognizing that not all families may be comfortable sending their sons to school in an in-person return, whether Full or either Hybrid Model, we have developed an Opt-In option for virtual learning.

The application to begin the 2020-2021 Academic Year with Opt-In for Virtual Learning is now closed. Families who are interested in applying now may do so by contacting Mr. Vincent Mancuso, Dean of Academics, at vmancuso@hendricken.com.

Reopening Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

+ My son doesn't feel well. What do I do?

Stay home and self-report! Even if it's just 1 symptom and you don't think it has anything to do with COVID, you must complete a COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form, here. That form will help you determine your next steps.

+ What scenarios do I need to report to the school?

Below are all the reasons you might need to complete a COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form, here. If you meet one of the below, you have to submit a form.

  1. You stayed home with any 1 symptom. Any 1 at all!
  2. You tested positive for COVID-19.
  3. You were a close contact of a positive case (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more).
  4. You live with a positive case.
  5. You traveled to a restricted state (or stayed overnight at any college).
  6. You're quarantining while someone you live with awaits a test result.
+ How will I know about positive cases?

Any and all confirmed, positive COVID-19 cases will be communicated to parents, students, and faculty/staff via email from our "COVID-19 Notifications from Bishop Hendricken" address. Any time there is a positive case associated with a student, faculty, or staff member, you will receive a notification from us. This system is the only official source for positive case notifications.

+ I've been out of school. What do I need to return?

For anyone who is out of school for any symptom, illness, quarantine, travel, or any other COVID-related issue, he/she must complete a Return-to-School Attestation form, here, certifying that they've completed the appropriate steps for their situation and are ready to return.

If you received a negative test result, the negative result must be a PCR lab test. Rapid tests, also known as antigen tests, are not acceptable to return to school. You must email your negative PCR lab test to Mrs. Monti at jmonti@hendricken.com after completing your Return-to-School Attestation. She'll confirm your test type and result, and give you a call to let you know you're ready to come back.

+ Will my son be required to wear a mask all day?

Yes. Regardless of model, everyone will be required to wear a mask or face covering while on campus all the time. This includes in classrooms, restrooms, at all entrances, parking lots, and more. Masks and face coverings can be a variety of fabrics and items, as noted in our plan. If an individual has a specific health condition that may prohibit them from wearing a mask, or require them to remove the mask periodically, they must present a doctor's note specifying this to the school nurse.

+ How will Hendricken be social or physical distancing?

In all in-person models, we require physical distancing whenever and wherever possible. In classrooms, desks will be distanced as much as physically possible. Per Reopening RI guidance, masks or face coverings are required when physical distancing (6') between individuals cannot be guaranteed. At Bishop Hendricken, masks/face coverings must be worn at all times by all individuals while on campus.

+ I'm just not comfortable sending my son to school yet. Do I have an option for full virtual learning?

We completely understand, and we're here to support you. We've developed an Opt-In option for virtual learning for all in-person models (Full, Hybrid by Grade & Hybrid by Name). Students will attend classes synchronously live via Zoom following the traditional schedule of classes. Families interested in the Opt-In option should review the full details in our plan and must complete an application providing their rationale. Administration must approve all Opt-In applications.

+ Will individuals be screened each morning?

Yes. All individuals coming on campus will be screened using the COVID-19 Screening Tool, found here. Students will be screened in their homerooms with contactless thermometers and the COVID-19 Screening Tool. Faculty and staff will be screened upon entry into the building with contactless thermometers and the COVID-19 Screening Tool. Visitors with appointments will be screened in the Main Office with the COVID-19 Screening Tool and their information will be kept on file for 30 days for the purposes of contact tracing, if necessary. All individuals are asked to screen themselves at home before coming to campus using the COVID-19 Screening Tool. If they answer "Yes" to any of the questions or symptoms, they should stay home. Read more about our screening policies in the full plan.

+ What return-to-school models has Hendricken developed?

We have developed 4 return-to-school models as part of our reopening plans: Full Model, Hybrid by Grade (alternating on-campus & at-home by 2 groups of grade levels), Hybrid by Name (alternating on-campus & at-home by 2 groups of last names across grade levels), and Virtual. Read about how each model works and its health and safety features in our full plan.

+ How are extracurricular activities going to work?

As we learn more from state and public health officials, we will implement as many after school activities as possible under the restrictions, including adherence to physical distancing, seperation of stable groups, and utilization of proper spaces. Per guidance from the Governor and Rhode Island Interscholastic League, Cross Country and Soccer will play with modifications this fall. Football and Unified Volleyball are postponed to sometime in the spring.