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COVID-19 & Virtual Learning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bishop Hendricken is committed to providing students with resources to continue their education remotely via virtual learning.

The following links and information are provided to students, parents, and families for use as common resources for their virtual learning experience.

Assignments & Educational Materials

Click the platform name to launch its website, or link to download in an app store.

PLUSPORTALS – Assignment Posts & Grading
Students will receive notification of all assignments over the virtual learning period under the “Coursework” tab on PlusPortals. Grades will continue to be input via PlusPortals, our usual grade book service, too. Students should check PlusPortals each morning at 8:30am, and continue to throughout the day, to review their assignments and develop a plan to complete them.

HENDRICKEN EMAIL (MICROSOFT OUTLOOK) Student-Teacher Communication (App available on Apple & Android)
Students’ Bishop Hendricken email address will be the primary channel of communication with teachers. All students should be actively monitoring their Bishop Hendricken email via Microsoft Outlook for assignments and other communications from teachers regarding classes. This includes enabling push notifications on their devices for correspondence.

ZOOM Student-Teacher Communication & Lectures (App available on Apple & Android)
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that will be used by many teachers to communicate face-to-face with students, provide realtime lectures, and teach lessons. We have developed a Zoom Classroom Schedule to provide structure and organization to weekly check-ins with each class period. More information on our Zoom Classroom Schedule can be found below.

MICROSOFT OFFICE (TEAMS)Assignments & Projects (Apps available on Apple & Android)
Some teachers will be utilizing Microsoft Teams to complete the assignments posted on PlusPortals, as well as to complete assessments, projects, and class discussions. Students have been added to class teams automatically by teachers, and should begin to familiarize themselves with Teams, OneNote, Sharepoint, and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, if they aren’t already.

Please note: All Microsoft Office applications are available to Hendricken students via web browser, or download onto their device.

REMINDStudent-Teacher Communication (App available on Apple & Android)
Some teachers are using the Remind school messaging app for communication with students regarding assignments and other class updates. Students should check with their teachers via email to determine if their class will be communicating primarily via Remind. Teachers utilizing Remind will communicate their respective class codes to students.

Zoom Classroom Schedule

Bishop Hendricken will be “beta testing” a Zoom Classroom Schedule from April 6th-9th. The plan, outlined below, will allow classes to meet twice a week during their designated periods to avoid conflicts, provide further structure, and bolster interpersonal communication.

At this time, not all teachers will be utilizing their allotted period time in the Zoom Classroom Schedule. Some will be using the period as a brief check-in with students, while others will utilize the full period for lecture. This plan exists solely to ensure that students and teachers are able to communicate face-to-face throughout the week without conflicts.

The Zoom Classroom Schedule will be supplemented with the remainder of our already established virtual learning protocols, including: assignments posted to PlusPortals (and completed using Microsoft Teams and other applications), and grades being posted to PlusPortals. The same conditions on deadlines and due dates apply.

Virtual Learning FAQ’s

+ How long will virtual learning last?

Virtual learning is currently scheduled to take place through April. Over the course of this period, administration is actively monitoring the COVID-19 crisis in our state, as well as the guidance of Governor Raimondo, the RI Department of Health, and the RI Department of Education. An announcement on next steps will be made when available.

+ Where should students begin?

Students should log onto PlusPortals each morning to review their assignments. Currently, students are responsible for developing a plan for each day to complete their assignments by their due date. To view a sample student plan, click here.

+ What platforms and apps are we using?

PlusPortals will be the home for all assignment notifications throughout the course of our virtual learning period. Some teachers will be utilizing Microsoft Office applications (specifically Teams) to complete the assignments posted on PlusPortals. Students should also continually check their Hendricken email for communications from their teachers and administration throughout the virtual learning process, and enable push notifications on their device to easily receive them. Many teachers will also being using Zoom during their class periods within the Zoom Classroom Schedule.

+ How much time do students have to complete assignments?

This depends on the assignment. Assignments that require a one-day turnaround of work from students will be due by 5:30pm the day after they are assigned. Multi-day assignments will have a due date that is reflective of the work required, and teachers will be clear and reasonable in their expectations f0r students.

+ When and how will teachers be available?

Teachers and school counselors will be available to students via email from Monday-Friday from 9am-2:30pm.

Devices & Internet Resources

Bishop Hendricken has a very limited number of Chromebooks available to students who are in need of a laptop or other device to aid in their virtual learning experience at home. To reserve one, please contact Mr. DeCiccio at mdeciccio@hendricken.com.

A number of telecommunications companies and internet service providers are offering free WiFi services to students who are in need of service hook-ups. We have aggregated a list of these providers below with links for more information. Students and families should pursue these options separately and independently from our school, if needed.

Spectrum/Charter Communications – 1-844-488-8395
Comcast/Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
Cox CommunicationsFirst month free, $9.95/month thereafter

Questions or Concerns?

We understand that this is a stressful time, both academically and otherwise. Please know that faculty, staff, and administration are here to support you throughout this educational transition.

Talk with your teachers – If you’re having trouble, communicate challenges with your teachers and ask for help.

• Use your guidance counselor as a resource – Your guidance counselor will be available throughout this process to you via email. Feel free to reach out to them with your questions or concerns.

• Reach out to Mr. DeCiccio or Mr. Mancuso – Contact either any time with any questions or concerns you have at mdeciccio@hendricken.com, or vmancuso@hendricken.com.