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National Honor Society


National Honor Society – Blessed Edmund Rice Chapter

Application Instructions

To be selected to the National Honor Society, you must be able to demonstrate and illustrate your possession of four essential qualities – character, leadership, scholarship and service.  Follow the detailed instructions below:

All NHS candidates must demonstrate character befitting membership in this prestigious honor society.  Each candidate will submit a letter of recommendation attesting to his character and suitability for NHS membership.  The recommendation should be someone with whom the candidate is closely associated (employer, coach, pastor, former teacher, etc.) but should not be a member of the candidate’s immediate family or a member of the Bishop Hendricken community.

This letter should include the following information:

  • Recommender’s name, position, length of acquaintance and in what capacity
  • Comments concerning your suitability for membership in an honor organization
  • Qualities that could be discussed:  character, integrity, honesty, responsibility and self-discipline

The CHARACTER requirement also mandates that a candidate’s disciplinary record at BHHS must be exemplary.  He must receive the positive recommendation of the Dean of Students.

Each candidate must write a two-page essay showing how he has fulfilled this leadership requirement.  Describe how you have demonstrated leadership.  Have you been singled out by classmates, team members, community, or service organizations?  Give specific examples.

The SCHOLARSHIP requirement is a 3.5 GPA on the unweighted scale. This must be achieved after 5 or 7 full semesters.

All NHS candidates must complete the required twenty-five (25) hours of community service, as well as an additional forty (40) hours of community service, for a total of sixty- five (65) hours of community service required for NHS selection.

Additionally, each candidate must write a personal reflection paper of no more than two pages describing his service experience and its impact on him.