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School Counseling


One of the most critical bridges between the academic and student affairs of a school is the School Counseling Department.

At Hendricken, our School Counseling Department fills many different roles. Among the most essential is the support that it provides to students and to their parents in order to enable each student to attain maximum benefit from the educational experience that is offered here. The academic effort of each student is supported by providing course selection advice, monitoring of academic progress, and by serving as a conduit among students, teachers, and parents.

Mrs. Nancy Rocha, Director of School Counseling

A student’s educational experience at Hendricken is further enhanced by a program of personal counseling, career planning advice, and a comprehensive program of college planning counsel which for the past two decades has been a model for Catholic schools nationally.

Bishop Hendricken is an educational community which strives to unite the philosophy of Christian living with academic, social, and career goals in the tradition of the Christian Brothers. At Hendricken, all members of the school counseling staff share common academic and extracurricular purposes while participating in a community that is built upon Christian values.

Believing that instructional experiences comprise only a portion of the Christian growth experience, each counselor endeavors to aid the students in this total developmental process. Implied in this process is the counselor’s willingness to model what they strive to elicit from their counselees: an attitude of openness, acceptance, and honesty.

Nancy Rocha
Director of School Counseling