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Senior Class Gift


Each year, members of the Bishop Hendricken graduating class say “Thank You” to their new alma mater by giving back with a special contribution that helps the school community grow.

2019 Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

We thank the following members of the Class of 2019 and beyond for their donations to the senior class gift. Together, donors raised nearly $6,000 for a student scholarship.

Mr. Jacob Boblitt ‘19
Mr. Joseph C. Brady ‘84
Mr. Ryan J. Brannigan ‘12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Braz, Jr.
Ms. Kara Buchanan
Mr. Americo Cardillo ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Richard Cares, Sr.
Mr. Damon Castigliego ‘19
Mr. Sean Connaughton ‘19
Mr. Thomas Deneault and Mrs. Laurie Ludovici
Mr. Chace DiFanti ‘19
Mr. Braydon Dolbashian ‘19
Ms. Nicole Emo
Mr. and Mrs. Sergey Fedorenko
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Feeney, III ’81
Mr. Nicholas Figueroa ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Franklin
Mr. Kyle Hadfield ‘19
Ms. Danielle Halsted and Mr. Richard Clark
Mr. John Hardiman ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hauser
Mr. and Dr. Sean Healey
Mr. Justin R. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Iamarone
Mr. Jared LaCroix ‘19
Mr. Matthew Leal ‘19
Mr. Matthew Levesque ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lind
Mr. Jack Lindenberg ‘19
Mr. Peter LoPresti ‘19
Mr. Stephen M. Marandola ‘85
Mr. Michael B. Munroe ‘99
Mr. Joseph W. Nerone ‘08
Mr. Benjamin Newbury ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Newbury
Mr. Eric Bradford O’Connor ‘19
Mr. Anthony Pacheco ’19
Mr. William Panarello ‘19
Mr. Jeremy F. Perrigo ‘14
Mr. Maxim Picard ‘19
Mr. James J. Poccia
Mr. and Mrs. Dino Rizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saulnier
Mr. Tyler Schmitt ‘19
Mr. Cormac Smith ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Francois Snyman
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Tamul
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Thibodeau, Sr.
Mr. Vincent Tinaro ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Toussaint ’89
Mr. Dylan Webber ‘19
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Woodbine ’79
Mr. Kelsey R. Woodbine ‘14
Mr. Seth Yehle ‘19