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Service Guidelines

Christian Service Guidelines & Rules

1.  All students are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours of service each school year. This is a promotion and graduation requirement.
2.  All hours MUST be completed and submitted by May 30th.
3.  A running tally of submitted hours will be updated periodically on Plus Portals according to the following “Comment Code” legend:
121: 0 – 5 hours submitted
122: 6 – 10 hours submitted
123: 11 – 15 hours submitted
124: 16 – 20 hours submitted
125: 21 – 24 hours submitted
126: 25+ hours submitted
4.  Service completion forms can be printed from the BHHS website under the Campus Ministry/Christian Service/forms link.
5.  Eligible juniors/seniors should note that a minimum of 65 hours must be completed by the beginning of April to be considered for induction into the National Honor Society. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE APRIL DEADLINE!
6.  Service hours should be aimed toward the poor, elderly and/or marginalized of our society. Any service work done for an institution/business MUST be a “non-profit” enterprise/business.
7.  No monies shall be earned for Christian Service.
8.  No hours will be accepted for work done involving politics.
9.  No hours will be accepted for service done for a family member or relative with the exception of Grade 8 and Grade 9 only.
10.  It is the responsibility of the student, not the parents or service site, to hand in Service Completion forms in a timely manner.
11.  Forms may be mailed to the Christian Service Office or delivered by the student.

Contact & Questions

Mr. Stephen Crawford
Christian Service Coordinator
401.739.3450, ext. 124
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