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Social Studies Department


The Social Studies Department at Bishop Hendricken High School contributes to the mission of the school by creating an environment for enjoyable academic standards. The members of this department concern themselves with meeting the demands of the students as individuals. They want each of their students to maintain a positive attitude for this discipline. Further, the faculty strives for consistency of activities within the school’s beliefs about teaching and learning. It creates a climate for growth of social conscience to peace and justice. It is a standard of the members to expose students to the realities of good and evil and right and wrong as they exist in our world.

The Department of Social Studies at Bishop Hendricken High School has designed its curriculum to evenly transition at every grade level, so that optimum learning is achieved. All instructors follow curriculum guidelines to ensure that unified subject matter is presented in all classrooms. Students understand expectations of them in all department classes at every level. Every class at every level clearly identifies the goals and objectives of the required curriculum. Classes range from college preparatory to advanced placement offerings, and a wide variety of electives. The department continually reviews class selections and entertains implementing new offerings as needed or as interest warrants.

8th Grade SELECT Honors Institute

History & Philosophy of the Ancient World – Honors
This one-semester course will explore the history of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. This will be an in-depth study of these civilizations, including the development of the different schools of philosophical thought, such as the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Zeno. The students will read the works of these philosophers, helping them to understand the “logic” component of the Trivium explained in the English course description.

Freshman Year

World Cultures – Honors/CP1/CP
An examination of the cultures, geography, and history of the non-Western World devoting attention to: Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Students will attain a familiarity of these regions to enhance their transition into the global society.  This is a semester class which will allow all freshmen to take one of the school’s Fine Arts offerings.

Sophomore Year

US History 1 – CP1/CP
This course examines significant events and persons noteworthy in American History from the Age of Exploration to the prelude of the Civil War. Students will work with primary source materials to enhance their learning experience.

Junior Year

US History AP
This is an in-depth analysis of the American experience from the colonial period to the 1980’s. The course uses a thematic approach, examining nationalism, expansionism, sectional conflict, reform and modernization up through the Reagan administration. This course is designed for those students with superior ability and a very strong interest in history.

US History 2  – Honors/CP1/CP
The course is intended to guide the student in achieving an understanding of the principles and meaning of democracy. It also aims at assisting him in an understanding of how democracy developed in today’s world. The course places great emphasis on American ideals, both past and present, and seeks to correlate these ideals with developments now taking place in the United States and the world at large.

Senior Year

Modern European History CP1
This course covers the development of Modern Europe from the High Renaissance through the early Twentieth Century. It examines political trends, cultural changes, industrialization and technological innovations, war and other conflicts and significant socio-economic issues.

This course is designed to give the student an introduction to the Criminal Justice system in the United States. The context explores the foundations of the justice system by incorporating Supreme Court decisions through historical and current topics. The course also offers a look into the criminal justice system through practical application. Students will study current laws and how they apply to daily life. Students will also be introduced to the following topics: Crime, Police, The Criminal Case, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Solutions, and Variety of U.S. Supreme Court Cases.

Psychology CP1
This course attempts to assist the student in gaining a basic knowledge of man’s behavior and developing social awareness and social adjustment through an understanding of the fundamental similarities and differences among people. There are four goals: 1) understand one’s self; 2) understand other people; 3) understand principles of psychology; 4) understand how to think more effectively. These goals are accomplished by lectures, outside reading and class participation.