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Take a Seat


Please, take your seats!

The Bishop Hendricken Advancement and Arts Departments are combining forces to offer an opportunity to honor/memorialize a student or family.

The program, called “Take a Seat,” brings back an opportunity that was offered as part of the 2004-2005 Capital Campaign to build the Arts & Technology addition. In that campaign, donors were given the opportunity to purchase Theater Seats.  Purchasing the seats gave families an opporunity to “name” the seat after a person, family, or other group by having a gold plate placed on the top of a seat.

The cost to purchase this naming opportunity was, and still will be, $1,000 per seat in the center section and $500 per seat on the left and right wing. These seats can be purchased with full payment or paid up over a number of years (maximum 4 years).

50% of the proceeds will benefit the Arts Scholarship Fund, and 50% will benefit the school’s FUND for HENDRICKEN.

Pick out your seats while prime locations are still available!

Mr. Richard Sylvia
Director of Arts
401.739.3450, ext. 147
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Mr. Paul Danesi
Vice President for Operations
401.739.3450, ext. 127
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