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Bishop Hendricken has a commitment to educating students with the latest technological offerings, and exposing them to cutting-edge programs.

Cisco Networking Academy

Bishop Hendricken High School is excited to offer a new elective program for Fall 2018: the Cisco Networking Academy. Hendricken will be one of the first Catholic schools in the state to offer this accredited academic program consisting of online, self-paced learning courses at different levels.

Please see your guidance counselor for a full course list, or to sign up!

Over the past few years, Bishop Hendricken has had tremendous success with out technology programs, such as CyperPatriots, Robotics, and the Programming Challenge. Last year, students who participated in the Programming Challenge came in 1st place and each earned a $5,000 scholarship to college!

With Cisco Networking Academy, students get:

  • A high-quality international curriculum that combines in-depth technical training with
  • problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills that students need to get a job or create their own businesses
  • Courses that can be combined to create pathways to complement your academic orvocational programs and prepare students for certification
  • Our Learning Platform, which allows instructors to manage classes, track student success, deliver assessments, and connect with other educators and IT experts
  • Online assessments
  • Cisco Packet Tracer, an online network simulation tool that helps students to learn by creating and managing many kinds of networks
  • Free access to software labs and new emerging technologies via remote lab environments
  • Discounts for class-related lab equipment
  • Support and training to launch your program, along with free instructor professional development throughout the year
  • Career advice, employment connections, and skills competitions for your students

Current Technology Course Offerings

Certification Courses
Networking Essentials (Cisco Academy)
Introduction to Cybersecurity (Cisco Academy)

Introduction to Programming
AP Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles

Introduction to Computers
Engineering Graphics (AutoCAD)