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The Weight Room


The Ron Mosca ’73 Weight Room

It is with great pride and pleasure that we are dedicating our newly renovated weight room to Mr. Ron Mosca ’73. Ron was a committed student-athlete who loved everything about Bishop Hendricken; his first love, as a student, and later as a teacher and coach, was football. When Ron returned to his alma mater after college, he volunteered to help out in any area he was needed. In addition to teaching computer courses, he became our Director of Technology, and coached sailing, baseball, and, of course, football. His teams were known for their defensive intensity, a trait that Ron displayed during his playing days. As the head coach of our Varsity football team, he led the program to six consecutive Super Bowl appearances, and three State Championships in a row. 

The Ron Mosca ’73 Weight Room will forever be known as a place where our students can work hard, encourage one another, and become better athletes. The facility will be available to athletes in every sport, and in the true spirit of Ron Mosca, a place where our players can train to represent our great school with passion and pride. While we mourn the loss of Ron at such a young age, we are grateful that due to the generosity of so many donors, his memory will live on in this magnificent facility. 

Rest in the Peace of our Risen Lord, Ron!

The Need

The best athletes deserve the best place to train.
Dedication, teamwork, strength and discipline….all begin in the weight room.
The road to winning begins in the weight room. 

Why Now? 

Bishop Hendricken High School is dedicated to providing its community with the best opportunities to grow, succeed, and thrive. The drive to renovate our weight room is just the latest example of our commitment to developing the total person – heart, mind, soul, and body.  

But, we need your help to lift this project off the ground! With our school’s continual growth, the current weight room is no longer adequate to meet our students’ needs. An update to the current weight room will allow for increased space, advanced equipment, and a cutting-edge facility. 


Our weight room and athletic training program is a critical catalyst for our boys’ athletic success, physical fitness, and overall well-being. Through training, our student-athletes will increase and improve in all areas of strength and conditioning to produce improved performance during practice and competition, while also reducing the likelihood of injury.  

Our boys will not only improve in strength and endurance, but also learn the value of preparation and determination. Without the hard work that is learned in the weight room, success cannot be earned on the field, in the classroom, or beyond. 

We hope you will add your name to the wall of donors for this project, cementing your legacy in Bishop Hendricken history, and helping to prepare our students to do the same! 

Honor Roll of Donors

We thank the many donors who have contributed to the weight room renovation, helping to provide our community with the best opportunities to grow, succeed, and thrive.

Founding Donor:
Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath ’72

Platinum Donors:
Cathedral Development Group, Inc. – Robert Gaudreau ’88 & Scott Gaudreau ’92

Gold Donors:
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Day ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haxton ’78
Planet Fitness of Suffolk, Inc. – John Mahoney ’78
The Soccio Family – Ryan ’07 & Evan ’09

Silver Donors:
The Albanese Family
Charland, Marciano & Company, CPA’s, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Croft, III ’70
Dr. Daniel Smith Harrop, III ’72
Mr. Bernard A. Jackvony
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Kairnes, III ’88
The Raucci Family – Marshal “Tripp” ’00, Andrew ’00 & William ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reilly ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tasca

Bronze Donors:
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Adamec
SGT and Mrs. Stephen M. Bannon, Esq. ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bucci
Mr. Paul A. Calner, Jr. ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carr ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caruolo
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Coleman, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant C. DaCruz
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Dresser ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Fracassa
Mr. Richard P. Houlihan ’86
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jackson ‘71
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jordan, Esq. ’94
Mr. Razib Khaund
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Koenig ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lamoureux, Esq. ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Mick Noland
Mr. Sean T. O’Leary ’91
Mr. and Mrs. David Radoccia ’81
TCG, Inc.
2nd LT Matthew A. Vargas ’03

Hawk Donors:
Mr. John Antonelli
Mr. Cullen A. Aubin ’14
Mrs. Deborah Bayne
Mr. Michael Bolanos ’20
Ms. Alaina Box
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Butler ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Campbell ’63
Mr. John T. Church ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Mike V. Foncellino
Mr. David C. Fraioli ’17
Mr. David Haddeland
Mr. Ryan C. Healey ’04
Mr. Mitchell S. Lucci ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marcello ’95
Mr. Michael ’06 and Philip ’11 Murray
Mr. Frank Pantaleo
Mr. Cole Peterson ’20
Mr. Marshall M. Raucci ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Rocha
Mr. Christopher J. Sheehan ’09
Mr. and Ms. Stephen Stellakis
Mr. Darren J. Williams ’08
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wynne, III

Project Timeline

Phase I – Weight Room Renovation
To begin August 1, 2018
Goal: $45,000 

  • New floor and ceiling 
  • New windows and glass entry doors
  • New training equipment and weights 
  • New heating and cooling systems
  • Painting and wall finishes with Bishop Hendricken branding

Phase II – Pepin Gymnasium Floor Renovation
Fall 2018
Goal: $25,000 

  • New and updated hardwood floor for Pepin Gymnasium, home to Basketball, Volleyball, Unified Basketball, Unified Volleyball, Wrestling, and Physical Education 

Menu of Giving

Flooring & Set Up Needs

Performance Flooring: $4,800 

Installation of Rubber: $3,295

6 Custom 8’x6’ Platforms: $5,600

Equipment Needs 

5x Half Racks for Weights: $6,975 ($1,395 each)

5x Adjustable Benches:$1,875 ($375 each)

Bumper Plates
10x 5lb plates: $360 ($36 each)
10lb plates: $390 ($39 each)
10x 25lb plates: $580 ($58 each)
10x 35lb plates: $780 ($78 each)
15x 45lb plates: $1,470
 ($98 each)

10x 2.5lb Grip Plates: $300 ($30 each)

5x 1500lb Bars: $1,145 ($229 each)

3x Olympic Hex Bars: $357.00 ($119 each)

8x Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars: $224 ($28 each)

5 – 50lb Dumbbells: $599 

5 – 55lb-75lb Dumbbells: $695 

3-Tier Dumbbell Rack with Saddles: $695

Equipment Needs (cnt.)

2x 8kg kettlebells
: $48 ($24 each)
2x 10kg kettlebells: $56 ($28 each)
2x 12kg kettlebells: $64 ($32 each)
2x 14kg kettlebells: $72 ($36 each)
2x 16kg  kettlebells: $80 ($40 each)
2x 18kg kettlebells: $88 ($44 each)
2x 20kg kettlebells: $98 ($49 each) 

Kettlebell Rack: $190 

Plyobox set of 5 (3″, 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″): $749 

2x 40′ Training Rope: $164 ($82 each) 

Medicine Balls
6lb Medicine Ball
: $42
8lb Medicine Ball: $45
10lb Medicine Ball: $49
12lb Medicine Ball: $53
14lb Medicine Ball: $57  

5-Ball Medicine Ball Rack: $82 

2x Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro 2: $1,658 ($829 each)

7x 3′ Foam Rollers: $98 ($14 each) 

Foam Roller Rack: $85 

First Place Hanging Club Mat System: $135 

Keiser Functional Trainer without Base: $3,475 

Keiser Air Compressor: $1,325 

Installation of Equipment: $1,350